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gamification, social learning, eLearning, home schooling
gamification, social learning, eLerning



Education for all to build a better world!


How can our family help in this mission?


We want to do our bit and help all children to get education even in the most remote areas in the world. We want Sail For Good Expedition to be experimental development lab for new digital learning methods by using our own family and kids as guinea pigs. We will be "boat schooling" three children who will be between 4 and 14 years during our expedition. We will be traveling extensively in the areas with no digital infrastructure nor easy internet connections. So, it will take bold and fresh technological approaches to find usable, scalable and cost effective solutions.


We welcome partners in digital learning and technology field to work with us in this exciting project.


How can Finland help the world in this mission?


We come from Finland. The country with highest educational standard in the world. Finnish kids are among the highest scorers in OECD´s PISA survey year after year. Finnish government has stated National Strategy For Learning And Competence 2020 that also points the importance of promoting digital learning and making efficient use of new learning environments.  With Sail For Good project we want to help Finland to be "good country" also in the future. 


Watch this amazing "The Good Country Index" TED talk by Simon Anholt HERE



How can technology help in this mission?


Finland is the country of technology and gaming... Nokia, Angry Birds, Clash Of Clans. Helsinki one of the world´s hot spots what comes to innovative and thriving start-up scene. Technological innovation will play major role in delivering high level education possibilities in remote and under developed ares of the world. Learning has to be fun to be effective. Games make it fun and when in digital form, they can be distributed almost anywhere with fraction of the cost of printed material. 


Understanding our globe


We are taking our kids for a 6 year cruise and we want to experiment new ways of educating children without actual class rooms, in person teachers and tight curriculum. We want them to see the world, learn how beautiful albeit fragile our globe is and what can we do to preserve the beauty. Along our journey we will be volunteering as family in various ocean concervation and social awareness projects. 


We believe that life is the best teacher, but also life needs partners in form of devoted parents and technology. With technology equal learning can be possible everywhere no matter where you come from or what is your social background. 


Today in the first world countries all information is in our fingertips almost anywhere, anytime. This is not true in many parts of the world, yet. If we can help in bringing that information to the people in remote and poor areas we are doing a great favor to the world.


We want to work with our partners to experiment and develop ways to make education available for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Even in the most remote areas with no digital infrastructure or internet connections. 


We want to raise awareness about the possibilities of utilizing technology, internet, digital distance learning methods and games to enable education for all.



“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela

Sail For Good Education is an education export program 


Sail For Good Education Ecosystem program is well on its way becoming a major educational export program with multiple significant partners. We are working together with over 20 companies to concept a unique "Learning as a service" product that offers full range solution for schools to digitalize their operations.


These companies work in different areas of digital education; software, educational content, hardware, serious gaming, telecommunication and we have many passionate teachers working with us as well. 


We are working closely with CLANED™, a Helsinki based company that has developed an open, personal learning environment and Smart Learning Data solution.


Highly innovative technology company LENOVO has partnered with Sail For Good Education. World´s number one laptop producer has great interest in educational technology and is offering cutting edge solutions for students, teachers and schools around the world. 


3 Step IT is an IT services business that provides finance, lifecycle management and disposal solutions for their customers. 3 Step IT is crucial part of this ecosystem as they act as service integrator for schools and education administration. 


If you feel that your company/organization has something to give to world´s educational development, contact us, now! Let´s work out the way we can co-operatate in this great project. 

Learning as a Service

The highly innovative and new concept Learning as a Service offers full range solution for schools to digitalize their operations. 


Companies behind this new innovative service model for the Finnish education sector work in different areas of digital education like Life-Cycle Management, online social learning platform, educational software and gamified learning targeting to schools capitalizing for example on game based e-learning while creating a modern 21st Century Learning Environment.

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