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The first step

First real step towards the dream is of course finding the right boat. Not easy task if you consider that you and your family of 5 would be living in it for six years.

I had spent countless hours (for many years) surfing number of worldwide yacht brokerage sites and knew quite well what was available and for what price.

One warm summer night in July 2012 I almost heard screaming my name... There it was. The One. Old Swan 57´ from 1982 that had been lying on hard in Turkey for 4 years and price had been recently reduced heavily. Major refit was completed in 2005. It was unreal feeling, but somehow I knew that this was meant to be.

Instant phone call to the broker, flight tickets to Turkey, visit to the bank...and after 2 weeks we pressed enter together with my wife to wire deposit money to broker´s account.

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