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Handy little boxes

Handy little boxes

We all (especially female sides of us) have dark little secrets and fetisses. Now I am about to reveal one of mine…!

I am one of those people who wants (i.e tries) to control world around us. But because the task seems to be so overwhelming, one seeks the ways she can handle. So, in this context my enthusiasm over "little handy boxes" can be seen almost understandable.

You see, I just love to fit little things in little handy boxes: cold cuts in frigde, pens and pencils in the navigation station, nails, screws and bolts and those without sensible names in the right place. Onions in the onion box, dvd-boxes in the boxes, lego parts in the boxes and plastic bag snappers in the boxes. You name it (the box), I´ve got it!

In a way, in big wide world, with the big wide plans in a large scale calendar, I just have to organise surrounding things into boxes. And by this, I feel comfortably safe and secure.

I our western safe lives it is though very easy to stay home and organise ones life in little handy boxes.


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