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Why do we do this?

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Why do we do this? Is it relevant?

We have now started to talk about our plans to our families and friends. I mean, we have always been talking about doing something like this, but now we are serious about it. Response has been something between disbelief and fabulous inspired glow in their eyes. First question always is; are you serious…six years. Do you understand that it is a long time?

Most friends started hugging and congratulating and I could feel their honest happiness for us. Many started asking bunch of questions like; what if there are pirates out there or how do you school your kids, what kind of insurance you will have if you get sic, what do you do with your house, how do you get money from ATM in the middle of nowhere? All very relevant questions. Time will tell how we´ll cope with all these situations.

Funny thing is that nobody, really NOBODY has asked WHY do you do this? Maybe because they recon my answer would anyway be "just because".

For me the big question today is; WHAT ARE WE GIVING UP? Or, are we giving up something valuable? Are we taking the kids away something they will be missing rest of their lives. Maybe, but something better will be replacing those things, I believe.

1. Are we crazy to give up safe place for kids to grow up?

2. Are we crazy to give up one of the world´s best education systems for our kids?

3. Are we crazy to give up good and free health care in Finland?

4. Are we crazy to give up our home by the beautiful little pond in the countryside...see the picture above?

5. Are we crazy to give up the possibility to mingle with our friends?

6. Are we crazy to give up the connection with our families and the grandparents?

Yes we are. But, we believe we´lll find the ways to make up the things we are giving up.

1. Kids will grow into multi cultural environment with magical places and wide variety of people.

2. Our kids will have a privilege to experience different kind state-of-the-art digital learning.

3. There are good doctors everywhere, well, almost everywhere.

4. Our boat is far more beautiful than our house.

5. Real friends stay friends no matter what is the distance in between. But YES, we will be missing you for sure.

6. Yes, this is tricky but we will manage by Skype.

Important question is what we believe we will gain from the adventure like this.

Not so fast, you will need to waite for the next blog to find out.


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