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Some HRSEQ notes to ponder

There are huge governmental organizations and medical institutions on nationwide level that plan, implement and execute human resources utilization, safety, environment and quality issues to control ordinary land based life…

This is exciting and almost overwhelming to do the whole stuff by ourselves with no governmental help! Health program, boat pharmacy, emergency situation plans and procedures, mental health plan (for mother, basically), hygiene rules, mouse traps, garbage and re-cycling procedures, fresh food storing system and entertainment stash.

Mosquito nets, personal fans for cooling, baby talc for sweaty toes and salt drinks for occasional diarrhea. Sticker books, arts and crafts stash, maybe a guitar. Extra strings for that guitar. Lots of swimwear, too. And wintergear for those Chilean fjords. Sun screen lotion, gallons.

Malaria pills, antibiotics, adrenalin, band aids. Air splints and antiseptics. Christmas decorations and folding bicycle. Log books for everyone. FB-account for eldest child, or Whatsapp or whateverapp. Ear plugs and bottle opener. Ah, and seven extra tin openers. Xylitol pills for kids for six years? Salmiakkia for me, as a medicine.

Books and videos, music and sewing kit. Oh, surgeon needles for worse wounds! Satellite communication for international emergency rescue system. And phone numbers to friends and family. Poste restantes and printer, maybe a fax. Weather vocabulary in French, surely. French Polynesian fishes in pictures. And fishing gear for kids. And if we catch fish, some antiallergens for daddy. Maybe no fishing.

Tons of stuff, hundreds of rows in excel sheets to ponder. This is uber fun for foreshadower and project manager like me, and of course imperative in this journey. I am so happy we have many true professionals as our mentors in fields like medicine (especially pediatrics) and risk analysis, and even life coach has enrolled in our team!

Children are processing also these thoughs: Kerttu rehearse-packs her backpack for Panacea once a week, figuring out which pony is coming with her… like mother like daughter, I assume. (a note to myself, teach MSExcel for kids also).


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