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Always something to fix

In sailing boat there is always something to fix, especially when it should be suitable for long offshore passages and long term onboard living. We try to do as we can prior to departure and then on concentrate more on maintenance and not so much replacing 32 years old parts.

All possible rigging parts were removed, checked and Harken Battcar system was installed. It was a huge project as old profile was first removed, hundreds of drillign holes filled and then all rigging also painted.


Old rubber ring around the mast foot was not so fresh anymore (between the deck and the mast)


Time to change bearings and many other parts in winches. Maybe we also need to convert one to electric as they are all manual now.


There was dangerous corrosion damage in the spreader tips as they had been covered with leather. Leather looks good and is gentle for sails but is also dangerous as salt concentrates inside and does nasty things.


As goog as new; perfect and silky paint cover in the mast.


New stove+oven was installed. The new one was a little bit smaller than the original, so new teak fitting had to be fixed.


Grinder winch is located in the middle of the cockpit and axles have been in "closed quarters" for over 30 years...not so nice.


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