Bloggers expedition

Last week we had some very special crew on board. We organized together with Turkish Tourist Office and Turkish Airlines a special promotional trip "New Perspective On Wonderful Turkey". The point was to show bloggers, instagrammers, vloggers and journalists what Turkey has to offer beyond the huge tourist cities. And there is a lot to see!

Great Panacea crew during Bloggers Expedition

Henriikka, Konsta, Laura, Timo, Sofia, Otto, Katja, Inna, Juuso, Tuomo and Arna

Most of the people had never set their fool on a sail boat before, so we started from the beginning.

First rule - do not fall off the boat.

Second rule - if you do fall of, do not try to swin ashore, but wait

Third rule - follow the rule number one

It was truly inspiring to watch young and passionate people in action. Amazing that these content creators have combined way over half a million followers every week.

I will let the pictures speks for themselves.

Sunrise in Finike. We headed out to see before six to catch the magical light, and it was truly that.