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Amazing video

You all should watch this, I mean really!

Absolutely great video by vlogger Timo Wilderness. This was shot in September as part of "New Perspective On Wonderful Turkey" promotional trip that we organized together with Turkish Tourist Office and Turkish Airlines. The goal was to show another side of Turkey that is very different from what people usually see in big tourist destinations. And they certainly saw something different!

Istanbul, hiking along Lycian Way - one of the TOP 10 trekking trails in the world, sailing in the Mediterranean and experiencing magnificent nature.

I wish I would be able to create something this good with my video camera. Dolphins and other serious next level shit!

We had great crew onboard Panacea: Aamukahvilla, Blue Wings, Cocoa etsimässä, Fitness führer, @juusohd, @kpunkka, Lapsiperheenmatkat, Otto Izakaya, Sail for good ja Urbaaniviidakkoseikkailijatar, Timo Wilderness.

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